ONLINE CLASSES: How Does it Work

How Does Online Classes Work?

  • Your online Exam Preparation materials will be accessed through our Website
  • After registration and payment, you will receive a payment confirmation as well as your unique login information. ( As per the confidentiality agreement please do not share your login information with anyone not registered for the course).
  • After receiving your login information, please log in to your account to make sure that you have full access to course materials including videos, quizzes, and exams. If you cannot log in or access any of the course materials please contact the administrator at
  • Please note that it is not necessary to buy the book since this Multyprep course is fully interactive and will have all of the necessary topics and information covered in the PowerPoint Presentations and online Manuals, but it is highly recommended that you do purchase the 8th edition book from IAHCSMM website.
  • If you do decide to purchase the book and follow along with the course each module covered during the course will have the corresponding chapter information that could be followed in the book.

The Course Content

  • This course is divided into 4 sections containing PowerPoint Presentations, Audio Files, Video Files, and Manuals. To be successful and to maximize your chances of passing the Certification exam on the first try it is highly recommended that you complete all of the Sections fully in the order that they are provided as well as successfully completing all of the quizzes and tests associated with the sections.
  • To increase your chances of passing the Exam please do not jump from one section to the next before completing all of the quizzes and tests with a minimum score of 80%.  If you do not get an average score of 80% it is highly recommended that you go back to the chapter and review it again before completing the quizzes and tests.
  • Quizzes and Tests- are used to gauge your ability to grasp and process all of the necessary information required to pass the exam and are therefore always scored.  All quizzes and tests can be taken as many times as you wish with a score provided at the end of each test. As you progress through the course you will be able to go back to any chapter and re-take any of the associated quizzes and tests. It is highly recommended that you only move on to the next section of the course only after you can successfully score an average of 80% on each and every quiz and test.
Final Test

Final Test- will be accessed only when all of the sections and associated quizzes and tests are completed and will consist of 500 questions designed to very closely mimic the actual Certification Exam and will challenge your understanding of the concepts and practices. This Exam will be timed and scored. You will be required to score at least 80% points to be considered ready to take the IAHCSMM Certification Exam.